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A Belief that Inspired a Company

Meyer Sound was founded in 1979 to create the best sonic experiences possible, built on scientific innovation and quality engineering. At the heart is a passion for quality, ensuring that every paper cone, circuit board, and driver is handcrafted to meet our extremely demanding standard.

We continuously analyze production methods and material selection and exercise exhaustive quality control behind the legendary unit-to-unit consistency, reliability, and longevity of Meyer Sound products. The end result? Pure, honest sound.

Meyer Sound Patents

From its beginning, Meyer Sound has been known as a leading innovator in performance audio products. Our list of industry firsts includes trapezoidal cabinets, dedicated loudspeaker processors, self-powered loudspeakers, source independent measurement, parabolic long-throw transducers, cardioid subwoofers, the REM manifold, Internet-enabled acoustical prediction, and more.

The technology underlying such innovations can be traced through the course of our patent history. Patents have played an important role at Meyer Sound since the company was established in 1979. Our first U.S. patent (4,152,552) was granted within weeks of the time we opened for business, and has served as a technological foundation for product development ever since.

To be valid, any claim for an intellectual (technically, “utility”) patent must mark a departure in thinking from what is generally accepted and known in the trade. But you don’t have to actually make a functional device – or make anything at all, for that matter – in order to patent your idea.

At Meyer Sound, however, all our patents have been incorporated into products in some way, with tangible benefits for the professional audio community. In one sense, we use the patenting process as a framework to transform fledgling concepts into effective products. Seeking a patent disciplines our engineering team by making us more careful and thorough in our work.

Although Meyer Sound’s patent history includes several milestones in audio engineering, it doesn’t tell the whole story. We haven’t sought patents on all of our new ideas. Instead we have focused our patent applications on those key concepts that define our distinctive approach to sound reproduction technology.

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